Hi, I’m Rachel Bridge – welcome to my website. I’m the former Enterprise Editor of The Sunday Times and a best-selling author, writer and content creator. I’d be delighted to help your business communicate better. Here’s how:


Want to really engage your customers or employees with useful, thought-provoking information and advice? I can provide all kinds of gripping digital and offline content, including news and features, interviews, Q&A advice, thought leadership, blogs, newsletters and webinars.


Get potential customers or investors interested and involved with brilliant online and offline events they won’t want to miss. From keynote speeches to workshops, from panel sessions to podcasts, from conferences to networking drinks and webinars and roundtable discussions, I can provide them all.

Thought Leadership

Got something special to tell your customers, investors, suppliers or employees? The best way to get people to listen is to tell them something they really want to know. Whoever your audience is, I can provide you with the insight and knowledge you need in order to cut through the noise and get your message across.

Why choose me?

Quite simply, because I know what I’m doing, and because I love doing it. I started providing content for businesses in 2011 after realising there was a need for high quality digital and offline content and events that people actually wanted to read and attend.

Since then I have worked with dozens of clients across all business sectors to help them deliver meaningful content and events to their customers and employees, resulting in better communication, better understanding, and ultimately, a far better relationship.

Over to you

No matter who you need to be talking to, I can help you get your message across. Just email me at rachel@rachelbridge.com and let’s get the conversation started.